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"Reimagining Healthcare offers a reason to be hopeful about the future of healthcare and the significant positive change that it can bring."

Jon Russell SVP & CIO MultiCare



Healthcare is on the precipice of enormous transformation brought on by three immutable forces; an aging demographic, the increasing sophistication and volume of diagnostic tools, therapies, and pharmaceuticals, and the exponential rate of digital technology—from advances in genomics to the personalization of medicine for each patient.

These changes are creating an unprecedented opportunity to build a future for healthcare, which will put the patient at the center of an incredibly rich healthcare ecosystem that has the power to positively impact the quality of life for each individual in dramatic ways.

With the ability to capture and store data about every individual’s healthcare interaction, our digital genomes, and the health patterns across vast populations, we will be able to predict disease and illness better than we can currently predict tomorrow’s weather forecast. It could be an amazing future.

However, healthcare is also at another precipice—one that threatens to send it, and all of this promise, plummeting out of control into an economic black hole. Runaway administrative costs, dramatically shrinking margins for hospitals, the rapidly increasing burden on patients to pay for healthcare out of their own pockets, and an equally onerous burden on doctors and clinicians to handle paperwork over patients, and a healthcare system that still silos data in myriad proprietary repositories, is crippling our healthcare system and the promise it could otherwise deliver. 

If we don’t do something dramatic, courageous, and deliberate within the next decade, US healthcare will simply become economically unsustainable and unable to provide quality healthcare to an aging population with ever-increasing and ever more complex healthcare needs.

Reimagining Healthcare takes a hard, honest, and practical look at we can bend the arc of healthcare towards a system that significantly improves outcomes, drives out administrative friction, and provides a patient-centered model that can be scaled into the next century to become a role model for every nation.

Rather than take the all-too-often discussed nuclear option of dismantling healthcare, or pursuing politically polarizing policy debates, Reimagining Healthcare looks at options that are readily available to make reengineering healthcare possible within the coming decade.



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